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(edit) @307   11 years djay Releasing 1.2.0 version.
(edit) @306   11 years djay Fix typo.
(edit) @305   11 years david bug fix :
(edit) @304   11 years djay Correct WIN32 compilation to find the thirds directory.
(edit) @303   11 years djay Updating the trunk tree to add zoo-project directory containing …
(edit) @302   11 years djay Tag ZOO-Project rel-1.2.0-rc3.
(edit) @301   11 years djay Merge branch-1.2 r268:r296.
(edit) @300   11 years djay Make raster classification optional.
(edit) @299   11 years djay Fix double mimeType in ExecuteResponse?
(edit) @298   11 years djay Small fix for linux compilation.
(edit) @297   11 years djay Initial MapServer? W*S output support integration, pass version number …
(edit) @296   11 years djay Remove uneeded debug massages
(edit) @295   11 years djay Removing Py_DECREF frmo service_internal_python.c, should solve bug #29
(edit) @294   11 years djay Remove leak.
(edit) @293   11 years djay Small fix.
(edit) @292   11 years djay Remove the list file and directly name zca files using the md5 of the URL.
(edit) @291   11 years djay Update cache to use md5 as described in #51.
(edit) @290   11 years djay Remove last Test MetaData? from zcfg.
(edit) @289   11 years djay Fix wrong UOMs node from DescribeProcess? #59
(edit) @288   11 years david Detection of xulrunner version on ubuntu
(edit) @287   11 years david -bug fix: compatibility between old and new version of libmozjs
(edit) @286   11 years djay Fix behavior for empty post requests (cf. #57).
(edit) @285   11 years djay Fix typo and rename python-version to pyvers for configure options.
(edit) @284   11 years djay Add the ZOOMakefile.opts file used from service providers' Makefiles.
(edit) @283   11 years djay Fix XML validation when only Default node is provided in the ZCFG file.
(edit) @282   11 years djay Fixe previous commit…
(edit) @281   11 years djay Small code cleanup, add loadRemoteFile in service_internal to download …
(edit) @280   11 years djay Base of SOAP Envelope support. Primitive cache system. Solving bugs …
(edit) @279   11 years djay Add KML output MimeType? to avoid base64 encoding.
(edit) @278   11 years djay Small forgotten fix for ZOO-API (using CDATA for value content, still …
(edit) @277   11 years djay Remove uneeded verbose debug messages.
(edit) @276   11 years djay Not needed in the current version…
(edit) @275   11 years djay Remove comments.
(edit) @274   11 years djay Solving bugs #43 and #42
(edit) @273   11 years nbozon forgive us for the missing acknowledgements in /docs
(edit) @272   11 years nbozon add keywords with svn propset
(edit) @271   11 years nbozon svn keywords added to every file where it makes svn
(edit) @270   11 years nbozon adding HeadURL
(edit) @269   11 years nbozon test adding svn:keywords
(edit) @268   11 years djay Merge branch-1.2 to current rev. 267. Tag release-1.2.0-rc2.
(edit) @267   11 years djay Add test requests for embedded JSON and GML content. Thanks to Luca …
(edit) @266   11 years jmckenna add workshop to quick links table
(edit) @265   11 years jmckenna fix headings, to avoid the latex 'too deeply nested' errors during pdf …
(edit) @264   11 years jmckenna move workshop into normal TOC
(edit) @263   11 years jmckenna minor change to workshop description
(edit) @262   11 years jmckenna fix formatting of workshop files
(edit) @261   11 years djay Adding testing suite, in testing directory. Probalby change directory …
(edit) @260   11 years djay Fix all identifier support.
(edit) @259   11 years djay Small fix for zcfg syntaxe hightlighting, small fixes some typos in JS doc.
(edit) @258   11 years djay Close saved_stdout.
(edit) @257   11 years djay Use OGR vsimem if gdal version >= 1.8.0 is available.
(edit) @256   11 years djay Add the workshop 2010 material as Restructured text. Some issues with …
(edit) @255   11 years djay Bug fix in shared memory gesture. Add shell script to run …
(edit) @254   11 years djay Fixing session storage for fastcgi.
(edit) @253   11 years djay Fix FastCGI support. Small fix to store mapon disk and manage session. …
(edit) @252   11 years nmarco fix output error
(edit) @251   11 years nbozon corrected css errors
(edit) @250   11 years jmckenna remove tutorial
(edit) @249   11 years nbozon last small css fixes
(edit) @248   11 years jmckenna add link to search mailing list
(edit) @247   11 years jmckenna fix index table
(edit) @246   11 years jmckenna add documentation development guide
(edit) @245   11 years jmckenna change depth of toc for pdf
(edit) @244   11 years jmckenna change table for pdf output
(edit) @243   11 years jmckenna modify author order
(edit) @242   11 years jmckenna minor
(edit) @241   11 years jmckenna add pointer to prerequisites
(edit) @240   11 years jmckenna separate install docs
(edit) @239   11 years jmckenna minor
(edit) @238   11 years jmckenna add irc and mailinglist instructions
(edit) @237   11 years jmckenna minor
(edit) @236   11 years jmckenna add quicklinks
(edit) @235   11 years jmckenna use higher res image for the doc PDF
(edit) @234   11 years jmckenna change title for the navigation bar
(edit) @233   11 years nbozon some more sphinx css
(edit) @232   11 years nbozon Add same bck gradient as in website (forgotten in previous commit)
(edit) @231   11 years nbozon ZOO Docs Final Sphinx CSS polish
(edit) @230   11 years jmckenna add mac and windows install instructions, both were tested locally
(edit) @229   11 years djay Remove the '<' char supported in zcfg. Fixing dupMaps memory …
(edit) @228   11 years djay Add support for value containing <,>,&,$ characters in zcfg file.
(edit) @227   11 years djay Add the Xml2Pdf service for pycsw project.
(edit) @226   11 years djay Accept <Default /> nodes when no default value are available for a service.
(edit) @225   11 years djay Fixing issue #27.
(edit) @224   11 years djay Add the unistd.h header file for MSVC 2008 and use it from
(edit) @223   11 years djay Thanks to Jeff for reporting this error.
(edit) @222   11 years jmckenna add mac os x install notes
(edit) @221   11 years djay Tag release 1.2.0-rc1
(edit) @220   11 years djay Remove doc from branch-1.2, waiting passing through release candidates …
(edit) @219   12 years nbozon more ZOO Docs CSS fixes
(edit) @218   12 years nbozon ZOO Docs CSS fixes
(edit) @217   12 years djay Merge trunk r111:r216 into branch-1.2
(edit) @216   12 years djay Add WIN32 platform support. Fix for values containing @ passed as KVP.
(edit) @215   12 years jmckenna add Debian / Ubuntu install instructions
(edit) @214   12 years djay Small fix for remote input data download checking for protocol …
(edit) @213   12 years jmckenna minor change
(edit) @212   12 years jmckenna add CentOS notes
(edit) @211   12 years jmckenna add OpenSuse? notes
(edit) @210   12 years jmckenna add notes about libcgic step and warning
(edit) @209   12 years jmckenna minor wording change
(edit) @208   12 years jmckenna change usage wording to 'To enable xxx support..'
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