This is a proposal for setting up ZOO roadmap and versions. It will be voted by PSC soon.

a) ZOO-Kernel (presently Version 1.0) will have a

code freeze on 1st Dec 2010.

b) Existing issues with GRASS7 (Raster) support will

be fixed and most of the existing tickets will be closed by 1st Dec 2010.

c) ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0RC1 will be released on Dec 2010.

Problems with RC1 can be reported within 5 working days. If no problems are reported ZOO-Kernel-1.2 will be released. If problems exist, they will be fixed and we will have an RC2.

d) ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0RC1 will not have any additional features

except for

  • issues with GRASS7 support being resolved.
  • Full support for new natural languages (write .po files).
  • ZOO GRASS services implementation, examples and docs
  • Examples with OpenLayers?

e) Subsequent to ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0 release, ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0devel

will be created.

f) New features to be included in ZOO-Kernel-1.3.0devel before

next stable release (ZOO-Kernel-1.4.0) are as listed below

*ZOO Kernel*

  • ZOO for windows (ZOO4W) stable release for MS-Windows platform
  • C# language support implementation in ZOO Kernel
  • Ruby language support implementation in ZOO Kernel
  • ZOO Kernel implementation as a Mozilla XPCOM component
  • YAML support

*ZOO Services*

  • ZOO goGPS services implementation, examples and docs *ZOO GRASS services
  • New examples of integrating environment model as ZOO-Services


  • Documentation (for each classes)
  • WPS Client ?
  • Any ideas ?

g) ZOO-Kernel-1.4.0 release could coincide FOSS4G2011.


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