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#60 fixed MapServer support optional david nickboz

Running ./configure without using the --with-mapserver option imply that configure fails witht he following error message:

configure: error: could not find the MapServer source tree. You may need to try re-running configure with a --with-mapserver parameter.
#65 fixed --with-js needs symbolic link david rldhont

Compilation under : Ubuntu

The ./configure --with-js get the from xulrunner-2.0 but zoo_loader.cgi searching the in the /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib/xulrunner-2.0 like in the compilation.

#5 fixed Segmentation fault on lineno in cgiMain djay relet

Following the instructions on the page "Zoo Kernel" - "Installation" for the svn installation, configured with

./configure --with-python=/usr/ --without-php --without-java 

(and optionally --without-js for the version 1.0) I ended up with a binary that segfaults in the first line of cgiMain() (line no. 140) calling dup2. The two file handles are equal, even before the call to dup2.

Calling it as cgi results in a segfault as well, I assume for the same reason.

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