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Wiki Processors

Processors are WikiMacros designed to provide alternative markup formats for the Wiki engine. Processors can be thought of as macro functions to process user-edited text.

The Wiki engine uses processors to allow using Restructured Text, raw HTML and textile in any Wiki text throughout Trac.

Using Processors

To use a processor on a block of text, use a Wiki code block, selecting a processor by name using shebang notation (#!), familiar to most UNIX users from scripts.

Example 1 (inserting raw HTML in a wiki text):

<h1 style="color: orange">This is raw HTML</h1>

Results in:

This is raw HTML

Example 2 (inserting Restructured Text in wiki text):

A header
This is some **text** with a footnote [*]_.

.. [*] This is the footnote.

Results in:

A header

This is some text with a footnote [*].

[*]This is the footnote.

Example 3 (inserting a block of C source code in wiki text):

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  printf("Hello World\n");
  return 0;

Results in:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  printf("Hello World\n");
  return 0;

Available Processors

The following processors are included in the Trac distribution:

Textile link above is rotten. this one works, allows to test example.

Code Highlighting Support

Trac includes processors to provide inline syntax highlighting for the following languages:

  • c -- C
  • cpp -- C++
  • python -- Python
  • perl -- Perl
  • ruby -- Ruby
  • php -- PHP
  • asp --- ASP
  • sql -- SQL
  • xml -- XML

Note: Trac relies on external software packages for syntax coloring. See TracSyntaxColoring for more info.

By using the MIME type as processor, it is possible to syntax-highlight the same languages that are supported when browsing source code. For example, you can write:


The result will be syntax highlighted HTML code. The same is valid for all other mime types supported.

For more processor macros developed and/or contributed by users, visit:

Advanced Topics: Developing Processor Macros

Developing processors is no different from WikiMacros. In fact they work the same way, only the usage syntax differs. See WikiMacros for more information.

Example: (Restructured Text Processor):

from docutils.core import publish_string

def execute(hdf, text, env):
    html = publish_string(text, writer_name = 'html')
    return html[html.find('<body>')+6:html.find('</body>')].strip()

See also: WikiMacros, WikiHtml, WikiRestructuredText, TracSyntaxColoring, WikiFormatting, TracGuide


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