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     1= PSC meeting #6 =
     3== Date ==
     58 Sept 2010, 7:45 am
     7Face2Face, Barcelona @ FOSS4G 2010
     9== Agenda ==
     13== Summary ==
     15Meeting from 7:55 am to 8:55 am, conference hall.
     171) First we welcomed Maria Antonia BROVELLI as a new PSC member: Welcome on board Maria !
     192) Then we started to discuss about the feedbacks from the Workshop, then from the WPS BOF which was proposed by Venka.
     213) Then we continue on presenting the current status of the ZOO Project including :
     23     a) Workshop Material,
     25     b) Future Translation in Italian (thanks to Luca Delucchi),
     27     c) SVN source tree which wasn't available yet except in the Workshop Material,
     294) Then we planned the future of the ZOO Project including : Perl support (shall be supported really soon as announced during this PSC meeting), C# support,
     315) Then we stated that the Sponsorship of the ZOO Project will cost 1000 $US per year for standard sponsoring. For example, standard sponsoring should be 1000$ and that premium sponsoring could be setup at 2000/3000$
     336) We invited PSC which come from university to make them establishment as knowledge partner for the ZOO Project (sponsoring which is obviously free of charge),
     357) We talked about interacting with other projects : QGIS and MapServer mainly, also GRASS community interaction is suggestion to give back.
     378) We briefly discussed about prospects of using ZOO to offer commercial services
     399) PSC ended


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