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#140 fixed Patch to fix various spelling errors sebastic

The spelling errors were reported by the lintian QA tool as part of the Debian package build of SVN r780.

#139 fixed Allow security by token jayftee

It would be nice if Zoo incoming request header values can be passed on in the data gathering requests.

By example, if an incoming request's header contains: SecurityToken?=ASDGARSGFABDAGRSGW$!$WGW, then, all requests to downstream WFS services would have the value of the SecurityToken? added to the header of the outgoing request.

Now, obviously, a specific prefix for the variables would be required because we do no need nor want all header variables to be passed on so, something like ZooSecurityToken?, or ZooWhateverMyVariableNameIs? would be valid.

With this, someone that uses a security via tokens can secure Zoo.

This idea is to cicumvent the fact Zoo does not allow impersonation to take place so that, incoming credentials are passed thru to outgoing requests.

#135 fixed Missing package while installing jmckenna aandre

Following installation instructions [1], i needed to add libxslt1-dev to the package installation list.

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