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#86 fixed Modifications needed to handle requests over https protocol Knut Landmark

The Zoo kernel contains at least three if statements that check if the protocol of a URL is http (or ftp). These statements must be modified if Zoo is to handle requests over the https protocol. Attached are modified versions of zoo_service_internal.c (modified in lines 1214 and 1976) and zoo_service_loader.c (modified from line 1182). These changes pertain to revision # 452 in the source code repository.

#87 fixed Segmentation fault in updateStatus method Knut Landmark

The Zoo kernel provides the option to store a status message in shared memory along with the status value (i.e. the progress in percent), see this ticket: However, the current implementation of updateStatus (service_internal.c, revision # 452) does not check if getMapFromMaps(conf,"lenv","message") returns NULL. A segmentation fault occurs (line 115) if a message value has not been set in the service code before a call to updateStatus:

// OK:
setMapInMaps( conf, "lenv", "status", "99" );
setMapInMaps( conf, "lenv", "message", "Progress: 99%" );
updateStatus( conf );

// Segmentation fault:
setMapInMaps( conf, "lenv", "status", "99" );	
updateStatus( conf ); 

(Tested on a Window 7 system.)

#89 fixed Memory buffer overflow Knut Landmark

The following code in service_internal.c (from line 2006, revision 456) generates errors (on Windows 7 platform) due to insufficient memory allocation (malloc needs to allocate bytes for the forward slash characters in the URLs, lines 2007 and 2010).


Possibly, the if statement should also be modified to take into account the https protocol.

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